MKG Enterprises Corp offers Crisis Resilience Solution for just $1,000 a year

In today’s environment, no company is immune to an unexpected crisis event. The reality is, most companies aren’t prepared to properly react to one either and they don’t have the right coverage to assist them. For $1000 annually or $83.33 per month and completion of a quick 2-question app, MKG Enterprises Corp is offering this exclusive broad-range coverage solution that helps companies address the duty of care to their employees and the public, as well as minimize disruption to their business.


Our Crisis Resilience Solution provides clients with an indemnified response solution to a wide range of security related crisis events combined with a variety of included services to help you anticipate, prevent, respond to and recover from a crisis. Therefore it helps you address your duty of care to employees and the public, and minimize disruption to your business.


What does the crisis solution cover?



Our Crisis Resilience Solution covers the following insured events: Act of Terrorism, Assault, Blackmail, Civil Commotion, Cyber Extortion, Deprivation, Detention, Disappearance, Emergency Repatriation, Hijack, Hostage Crisis, Kidnap, Product Tampering, Sabotage, Stalking or Threat or a series of connected acts thereof.


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Be ready in the event of a disaster with "Crisis Resilience Solution" 
  • Simple, fast online application -- instant coverage
  • 24/7 access to experienced response consultants
  • Immediate expert advice
  • Access to online training & awareness building information
  • Online risk management advice for multiple threats
  • Immediate emergency funds up to $10,000 wired upon trigger of policy
  • Ongoing access to Crisis Response experts
  • Support provided in getting back to business w/ minimum impact
  • Post event trauma counseling
  • Expenses of up to $10,000 covered

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